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In Rural North-West Northamptonshire,
parts of South Leicestershire & East Warwickshire.

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 This site was primarily set up by a “like-minded” trio of dedicated people, to inform & promote bellringing events at the three towers of Yelvertoft, Crick and Lilbourne within the Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers, Guilsborough Branch.

Such is our thirst for bellringing, we have somewhat enthusiastically, expanded the knowledge base in order to incorporate towers from other areas of Northamptonshire & county border areas of south Leicestershire + East Warwickshire with whom we now associate.

  • During 2014, we were able to re-establish a ringing practice at Lilbourne with an added bonus of Sunday ringing at Lilbourne + Sibbertoft on a monthly basis.
  • Our quest for 2015 is to further enhance Sunday Service ringing at a limited number of Churches which, up to now, have endured silent bells due mainly to dwindling numbers of available ringers. We already know from the outset, this is going to be an arduous task but nevertheless, a worthy cause. 
  • May 2015. Extra practice evening at Crick on the 2nd. Thursday, 7.15 to 9.00pm.
  • Sunday Service ringing, 9.15 to 9.45am. www.crickbells.com 
  • 2016. Ringing for two Sunday Services at Lilbourne is now possible.
  • May 2016. Regular practices now at Maidwell tower.
  • June 2017. Many local bell installations have been inspected & maintenance works carried out, thus keeping the bells ringing.
  • January 2018. Looking back over the past four years, we have lost some momentum in Sunday service ringing, this is solely due to the availability of ringers who find themselves now ringing at their own towers. It’s no doubt the price one has to pay for overall success. However, in some other sections, we have gained, namely three A.R.T. approved teachers & three simulators within the Guilsborough Branch.

 Our own  site, is an independently managed platform  source of  a diverse range of local, historical & topological information with associated links for further studies of the area.  A constant strive for higher levels of accuracy on all topics displayed is paramount, hence the site is regularly inspected & updated when new data becomes available & can be verified. 

We specifically try to maintain the integrity of the ringing information as accurately as possible, as it is in everyone’s best interests, but to be absolutely certain, you may still wish to check with the relevant Tower Captains or contacts (if displayed) before travelling to a distant tower.

Data Protection.

We refer only to first  names & phone numbers  when permission is granted where appropriate.
We do not intend to use postal or e-mail addresses,  surnames, unless it is incorporated by third party means through an officially supplied document etc. or permission is granted.

Tel. / Text : 07927 468 118. 

e-mail : upperavonvalleybells@gmail.com

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Crick, Lilbourne, Scaldwell, Sibbertoft, Theddingworth, Walgrave, Welford and Yelvertoft Towers




April 23rd. St. George’s Day.
Ringing for England.

2014 ⇒ 2017


Hillmorton, Lilbourne, Marston Trussell, Misterton, Ravensthorpe, Scaldwell, Shawell, Spratton, Walgrave, Welford and Yelvertoft towers supported

Ringing on V E 70 DAY


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Bells + Ringing around Rural North-west Northamptonshire, South Leicestershire and East Warwickshire.