East Farndon

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Church of St.John the Baptist
Main St./Clipston Rd. East Farndon

LE16 9SU





Church of St. John The Baptist, East Farndon.
Church of St. John The Baptist, East Farndon.

Northamptonshire county border village.

This is a linear village with a long down hill Main street from the Church end. Incidently there is a “West Farndon” which is a hamlet, close to Woodford Halse, many miles away to the south of the County.

Benefice:- Part of The Faxton Group of Churches.

P.D.G.C.B.R. Guilsborough Branch.

East Farndon Church
Dove’s Guide

6 Bells.

  • Treble. 1991. John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd. (3-0-0).
  • 2nd.       1991. John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd. (3-0-16).
  • 3rd.        1991. John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd. (3-2-16).
  • 4th.        1991. John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd. (4-0-16).
  • 5th.        1991. John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd. (5-2-12).
  • Tenor.  1587. Newcombe & Watts. ( Wt. 7-0-6).
  • Long rope draught with guides.
  • Clock hammer strikes 4th. bell.
Ground Floor rope layout plan.

………….west wall of tower………….




……↓…nave screen & door…↓……
……..level access from nave………
5th. rope drops to the left of the ringing area door & the 4th. to the right.

>>> EXIT >>>

Accessibility to Church.

Sloping path from side road upto north door, followed by two steps down into Church.

Practice Night : Tuesday, 7.30pm. to 9.00pm.
Sunday Service Ringing.
Off road car parking on small field, adjacent to Church.


The Earlier Bells.

In 1878, 4 bells are recorded:-

  • Treble. 1675. Tobias III Norris of Stamford.
  • 2nd.       1718? *Thomas Clay of Leicester.
  • 3rd.        1820.  *Mears? for Mr. Cort of Leicester.
  • Tenor.  1587. **Newcombe & Watts.

* According to Church records.
** Newcombe may refer to Robert Newcombe.
** Watts may refer to Francis &/or Hugh I Watts.
(Further research is required).

A later treble, cast in 1897 by Bowell & Son of Ipswich was placed in front of the 1675 treble bell giving a ring of 5 bells.
The front 4 bells were subsequently re-cast, together with an addition of a new casting in 1991 making the present ring of 6 bells. (Tenor of 1587 remains in situ).

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