Great Bowden. (L.D.G.)

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Church of St. Peter & St. Paul
Dingley Rd. Great Bowden

LE16 7ET

Great Bowden is now, through decades of development, a large village lying just to the north-east of Market Harborough.

Great Bowden village website.

L.D.G.C.B.R. Market Harborough District.
Dove’s Guide.

6 Bells.
  • Treble. 1954. John Taylor & Co.      (4-2-5).
  • 2nd.       1599. Hugh I Watts.               (5-1-24).
  • 3rd.        1737.  Thomas I Eayre.         (5-2-18).
  • 4th.        1739. Thomas I Eayre.          (7-0-24).
  • 5th.        1621. Hugh II Watts.             (9-3-12).
  • Tenor.  1624. Hugh II Watts. (Wt. 14-0-1).
Upper floor rope layout plan.

…west window & wall of tower…

Treble                       3rd.


Tenor                 5th.

                                         trapdoor EXIT⇓
…………..glazed screen…………..

  • Notice for visiting bell ringers :-
    To dis-engage clock bell hammer, pull & hook down  control cable located on south wall of tower in  upper ringing area.

Accessibility to Church.
Level footpaths from roadside pavements lead up to south porch entrance of the Church.
Accessibility to upper floor ringing area. 
Access is via a short steel ladder & trapdoor, from tower base & nave.

“On-road” car parking around Church.
Please be aware of entrance drives & pathways leading to houses close to Church.

The Earlier Bells.

According to Thomas North, 1876, five bells were recorded at Great Bowden :-

  • Treble. 1599. Hugh I Watts.
  • 2nd.       1737. Thomas I Eayre.
  • 3rd.        1739. Thomas I Eayre.
  • 4th.        1621. Hugh II Watts.
  • Tenor.  1624. Hugh II Watts.

These bells represent the modern day 2nd. to Tenor. 

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