Lilbourne History



Our church had four bells in the 1600’s but by the mid 1700’s they were cracked. Thomas Eayre the younger, of Kettering was commissioned to melt down these four bells & to re-cast them, making a ring of five. They were the last set he made & one of only two complete “rings” he produced that are still in existence.The new bells were put into position in 1762, possibly to celebrate the Reverend John Robinson’s 40th anniversary as vicar of Lilbourne.
(Script taken from an original article produced by the Alexander family of Lilbourne 2012)

Further information in “About the bells” sections & sub sections.

During the latter years of the 20th. century & into the 21st. century, the fabric of the church building has received a lot of remedial work, the tower in particular was stabilised allowing people in the community to plan for refurbishment of the 5 bells. This venture finally became a reality in 2012.


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