Photograph of the Bells


Clockwise, looking at the photograph.

 Treble bell is  situated at the top  far right, swinging E-W.
 2nd. bell, bottom right, wheel  only just in view, swinging E-W.

3rd. bell is nearest and to the bottom left, swinging  N-S.
4th, bell , middle of photograph,  next to the 3rd., swinging N-S.
Tenor bell, situated top  & furthermost  from the camera , swinging N-S.

The photogragh shows the 1762 oak framework which was strenghtened during the 1909 renovations carried out by Geo.Day & Co. of Eye, Suffolk & also signs of its latest overhaul in 2012.
However, underneath the frame is an even earlier set of beams dating back to the first bells installed in mediaeval times.
Beneath all the framework are R.S.J.’s from the 2012 refurbishment project.

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Bells + Ringing around Rural North-west Northamptonshire, South Leicestershire and East Warwickshire.