Thomas II Eayre


Working from 1757 TO 1762, records show that he may have cast at least 27 bells until finally being declared bankrupt in March 1762.
In that same year, the name “Joseph Eayre” of St. Neots appears to conflict in parts of the bell data. It is also known that his nephew, Edward Arnold completed one or more of the outstanding projects.

Locations so far found are as follows:-
Saddington 2 bells,dated 1760 &1761 & possibly 1×1762 Eayre KetteringThe Church Bells of Leicestershire )
Earls Barton 1 bell,dated 1761
Warkton 1 bell, dated 1761
Blisworth 2 bells, both dated 1758
Grendon 1 bell, dated 1761
Gretton Complete “ring” of 5 bells, all dated 1761
Kings Norton 3 bells, dated 2×1760 & 1×1761 but possibly a further 2 bells, dates uncertain, but NBR suggests c1760
Folkingham 1 bell, dated 1761
Stamford, St.George (unringable) 1 bell, dated 1761
Burbage 1 bell, dated 1761, however all the bells were replaced by John Taylor & Co. in 1925.
Brigstock 1 bell dated 1758.
Stoke Dry, Rutland. 1 bell dated 1761.(this is a one-bell tower).

This listing, including 5 at Lilbourne, gives a total of 25 known bells & 2 of uncertain dates + 2 uncertainties of correct “Eayre” founder.
There also appears to be another location at Theddingworth with one bell apparently cast by Thomas II Eayre but unfortunately the data conflicts as to which Thomas Eayre it relates.
(ref.Doves guide National Bell Register data)


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