Early Bells in other areas.

A guide to early bells in other Counties.

1100. Hardham. Sussex.
1 cwt. approx.

c1218. Caversfield. Oxfordshire.
 Un-used. 2 cwt. approx.
Dove’ Guide.

1254. Lissett. East Yorkshire.

1290. Cast by Bury St. Edmunds Foundry.
Clock Bell.6¾ cwt. at Hadleigh, Suffolk. 

Dove’s Guide.

c1300. Cast by Richard de Wymbis of London.
Tenor Bell 3/3. at Great Bradley, Suffolk.
Church Bells, Website.

c1310. Cast by John Gooding or Godynge of King’s Lynn.
Unringable Tenor bell 5/5.  7 cwt. at Worlington, Suffolk.
Dove’s Guide.


Richard de Wymbis bell locations.

Burham, Kent ?
Un-certain of  information.

Catesby, Northamptonshire. c1310.
18″ nom. dia. Swing chimed.

P.D.G.C.B.R. Daventry Branch.

Cholsey, Oxfordshire. c1310.
20″ nom. dia. Sanctus bell. 1¾ cwt. approx.
Dove’s Guide.

Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire. c1290.
29″  nom. dia. Unused. 4 cwt. approx.

Dove’s Guide.

Great Bradley, Suffolk. c1300.
Tenor.7 cwt. approx.

Slapton. Northamptonshire. c1310.
19″ nom. dia. Sanctus bell.

(Successor to Richard de Wymbis).
Westminster Abbey, London. c1320.
Museum bell.



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